Skid Steer Attachment Features

Old Fashion Values

Quality Skid Steer Attachments Manufactured from a Small Family Business
We did our homework when we chose who to do business with on Skid Steer Attachments. We wanted someone who had been in business long enough for any flaws in the products to be sorted out. We like dealing with smaller family owned manufactures as well.

We chose HH Fabrication. They are a small family busines that has been building attachments for over 25 years here in the USA.
They do everything in house: design, engineering, welding, plasma cutting and painting.
They are one of a few manufactures that use forks made in the USA.
We keep a large stock of their heavy duty line of attachments.

For our skid steer and excavator brush cutters, we decided to go with Brush Wolf. Brush hogs are the only thing they build, and we liked that they put 100% of their focus on that.
We keep their most popular model in stock for customers to stop by and see the build quality. Then we can get the exact one they want normally in a week. They carry over 60 variations of bruch cutters from standard duty, heavy duty, to severe duty.

You can view more info on the standard and heavy duty brush cutters here:
Standard and Heavy Duty Brush Cutters

You can view more info on the severe duty brush cutters here:
Severe Duty Brush Cutters

You can view more info on the excavator and backhoe brush cutters here:
Excavator and Backhoe Brush Cutters

Here is their Alpha severe duty brush cutter in action!

Here is their excavator brush cutter in action!
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