Frequently Asked Questions

Old Fashion Values

Do you offer financing?
We prefer to work with your local bank loan officer, to keep business local. Here are a few other solutions if you are looking for financing. You can get pre-approved from home to save time, as it can take up to 3 hours to complete.

We have Trailer Solutions Financial available for trailers:

We have Sheffield Financing available for lawn mowers:

We have Yard Card Financing available for lawn mowers:

We have Octane Financing (550+ Minimum FICO Score) available for lawn mowers:

We have Click Lease financing available for skid steer attachments and mowers:

What forms of payment do you accept?
Cash (prefered)
Check (with valid drivers license)
Cashier check (with valid drivers license)
Apple pay
Credit cards in person 2.9% fee
Credit cards over the phone 3.5% fee
E-Check (ACH) 1% fee
Paypal transanctions 2.9% fee

Will you accept my car/trailer as a trade in?
Yes we are open to trades.

My brakes are not working as good as I feel they should.
Sometimes new trailer brakes will lock up right away. Sometimes they will need to be adjusted or burnished in. A good first step is to have someone put their ear next to the front wheel while you hit your brake controller, to make sure they hear the brakes buzzing on both sides.

Here is a video on burnishing in your brakes:

Here is a pdf document on burnishing in your brakes

Here is a video on adjusting your electric brakes:

Here are some wiring diagrams for our Stag Trailers:

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