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Quick Attach Snow Plow - Quick Push 108"


The Snow/Light Material Blade is the perfect way to remove snow from walks, driveways, or parking lots. Use it in the summer for light material grading by engaging the standard locking trip mechanism. Add the optional Wing Kit and your blade becomes a snow pusher, increasing your production of larger areas and lots.
• Moldboard has four (4) trip springs for component protection and strength.
• Highly visible guide markers for easy location of blade edge
• Easy-Adjust depth shoes
• 25° left/right manual angling or optional hydraulic
• Locking trip mechanism comes standard
• Angling: Manual / Hydraulic
• Width: 108"
• Height: 28"
• Width Fully Angled: 98"
• Trip Type: Moldboard
• Trip Springs: 4
• Cutting Edge: 3/8" x 6"
• Cylinder: 3 x 8
• Moldboard Thickness: .135"
• Mounting Plate: Universal
• Shipping Weight: 780 lb
• Operating Weight: 705 lb

• Urethane Cutting Edge
• Rubber Cutting Edge
• Hardened Skid Shoes
• Urethane Skid Shoes
• Wing Kit
• Factory Installed Couplers


Weight: 705 LBS
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