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Quick Attach Tree Shear - The Power Axe


The Skid Steer Tree Shears is designed to clear wooded areas or harvest unwanted trees and brush. This industrial design handles up to 14” diameter trees. Durable features include a heavy 1.25" blade and a large 5.5" x 14" shear cylinder. The hydraulic rotation option provides convenient rotation control without leaving the operator's seat.
• Cuts up to 14" diameter trees
• Near ground cutting
• Shear blade comprised of 1 1/4" AR400 abrasion resistant high tensile steel
• Extremely powerful shear cylinder
• Vertical or horizontal cutting position
• High visibility brush guard
• Operating Weight: 950 lb
• Shearing Tonnage: Over 48 Tons
• Working Width: 50.5"
• Working Height (vertical): 43"
• Working Height (horizontal): 37"
• Hydraulic Cylinder: 5.5" x 14"
• Shear Blade: Heat Treated AR400 High Tensile Steel
• Rotating Head (manual): 90 degrees
• Maximum Diameter Cut: 14"

• Hydraulic Rotation Package
• Pistol Grip Control Harness*
• Loader Specific Wire Harness*
• Factory Installed Couplers
*Applies to Hydraulic Models Only


Weight: 950 LBS
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