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Quick Attach Tree Puller - The Power Claw


The Power Claw Tree Puller is a versatile tool for arborists, farmers, landscapers, and anyone looking to conveniently and carefully remove brush and trees up to 8" in diameter. The open plate design offers superior operator visibility, while the push bar keeps branches safely away from the cab. It’s the perfect combination of quality, affordability and functionality.

• Pull small trees, brush and posts quickly and efficiently
• Push bar to keep branches away from door comes standard
• Minimal disturbance to ground, won’t leave stumps or roots
• Pull trees up to 8" in diameter
• Open mounting plate allows the operator to see jaw
• Pivot gap design allows more than one piece of brush to be held at a time
• Hydraulic Cylinder: 3,000lb
• Cylinder Stroke: 8"
• Cylinder Rod: 1.125"
• Maximum Tree Diameter: 8"
• Maximum Jaw Opening: 12"
• Tooth Material: 1/2" Grade 50
• Overall Height: 31"
• Overall Width: 48"
• Overall Length: 40"
• Shipping Weight: 350lb

• Factory Installed Couplers


Weight: 350 LBS
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