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Quick Attach Stump Bucket


The Stump Bucket is designed for maximum prying strength for the toughest stump and rock removal jobs. A specially engineered fulcrum point provides additional leverage for digging. The reinforced mounting plate is built to handle the added pressure. Serrated sides provide cutting action to work through stubborn roots.
• Heavy-Duty 1" by 6" cutting edge
• 1/2" grade 50 steel on sides, bottom, and back of the bucket
• Fulcrum point for prying out stumps and rocks with added leverage
• Reinforced mounting plate to handle large prying loads
• Solid welds inside and out for increased strength
• Overall Width: 45.4"
• Overall Length: 61.27"
• Cutting Edge Width: 13.5"
• Bucket Width at Cutting Edge: 12.1"
• Bucket Width at Mounting Plate: 21.9"
• Replaceable Teeth: 3 pin-on teeth
• Cutting Edge: 1" x 6" weld-on
• Operating Weight: Approx. 380 lb


Weight: 380 LBS
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