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Quick Attach Tree Spade 4S


Turn your skid loader into a high-speed, labor-saving transplanting unit. A tree can be dug or transplanted without the operator having to leave the loader. Spade is designed with a very short frame reducing the need for stabilizers and counterweights. The blades of the tree spade overlap to ensure clean root cutting and support of the root ball.
• Tree Spade comes complete and ready to use, including all-hydraulic hoses, couplers, and controls
• Good for transplanting hardwood trees to 2 1/2" diameter and evergreens to 3"
• Three steel cutting blades are 3/8" thick
• Adjustable control valve stand
• All joints outfitted with grease fittings
• Removable blades for easy sharpening
• Short frame design for increased down-pressure reducing the need for rear stabilizers
• Tree Size (Evergreen): 4"
• Tree Size (Hardwood): 3"
• Root Ball Diameter: 40"
• Root Ball Depth: 30"
• Blade Angle: 25 degrees
• Number of Blades: 4
• Blade Thickness: 1/4" Grade 50 Steel
• Slides: Steel
• Blade Truncation: Full
• Outside Towers Swing Open: Yes
• Operator Controls: Hydraulic
• Hydraulic Flow: 5-25 GPM @ 2,500 psi
• Hydraulic Remotes: 1
• Shipping Weight: 1,900lb
• Weight with Root Ball: 3,100lb
• Width (Bottom / Top): 62" / 78"
• Length (Bottom / Top): 61" / 76"

• External Control (wired)
• External Control (wireless)
• Factory Installed Couplers


Weight: 1900 LBS
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