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Quick Attach Stump Grinder - High Flow


The Quick Stump-Away-Industrial Stump Grinder is the choice for arborists, large contractors, landscapers and maintenance departments. Mounted on a skid steer, these units are easy to maneuver into tight areas that would be impossible to reach with other types of machines without creating unnecessary damage to property. It features the ideal combination of maneuverability, power, durability, and simplicity.
• Bi-Directional cutting design allows for dual pass operation without moving skid steer
• 32 - durable carbide teeth - a real time saver, reduces labor
• Optional 3 Sided Green Teeth Package Available
• 1/2" x 24" diameter steel plate cutting wheel
• No gear box
• Up to 1,100 RPM cutting wheel speed
• Maximum cutting depth 8" below ground
• Operating Weight: 540lb
• Direct Drive: No Gear Box
• Hydraulic Requirements: 31-42 GPM
• Maximum Cutting Diameter: 32"
• Maximum Cutting Depth: 8" Below Ground
• Cutting Arc: 55 degrees
• Cutting Wheel Diameter: 24"
• Cutting Wheel Speed: 900-1,200 RPM
• Teeth (carbide): 32 Replaceable Carbide (Optional 3 sided green teeth package available)
• Case Drain: Required

• Full Set of Replacement Teeth
• Replacement Threaded Tooth Holder
• 5/8" x 2" Recessed Holder Bolt
• Pistol Grip Control Harness
• Loader Specific Wire Harness
• Factory Installed Case Drain Coupler
• Factory Installed Couplers
• Factory Installed High Flow Couplers


Weight: 540 LBS
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